Physique Competition Preparation FAQs

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Yes, everybody cheats on their diet. If you do, inform your coach and continue to stick to your diet 100%.
After your fasted cardio take your pre-workout and complete your weights session.
If you don’t take pre-workout, then you may eat one whole banana. Upon completing your weights session you may eat Meal 1.
Generally, this will be once a fortnight, however you may have them more closer together or further apart depending on upcoming events (holidays, birthdays, competition date). Try the Protein Pancakes.
Scatter them throughout the day as necessary. For example, if you have a long day eat the meals further apart. If you are going to the gym soon eat one closer to this time.
It is all personal preference. Work it around what you have upcoming and what you find the easiest. You can also freeze meals in order to preserve their shelf life.
Everything is there for a reason. If you follow your diet 100% then you will look amazing on stage. If you are having trouble finding a product then contact your coach and you will be advised on a suitable replacement.
Only herbs and spices. This is noted on your meal plan. Follow your meal plan 100%!


Creaflex is 100% creatine monohydrate. It is ideal for strength and fitness athletes as it can be used to facilitate strength increases and improve recovery time. It can also help increase muscle volume.
Glutaflex is 100% L Glutamine. It can enhance muscle repair and immune recovery through its action on transporting nitrogen to muscle cells. It can also assist in reducing muscle wastage. It can also be used by the body as a primary source of energy for the immune system and directly for energy when glycogen levels are low, which strengthens immune system function and recovery. This is particularly important when dieting.
Bioflex Ripped is a capsule which contains ingredients designed to blast fat. It contains extracts of Green Tea and Seasmin, combined with caffeine, citrus aurantium and chromium picolinate. It is ideal to assist with lean muscle retention, fat loss, minimise fat stores, increase thermogenic effect and maintain energy levels.
Bioflex Alcar Pro is 100% Acetyl Carnitine. It helps supply the brain with energy, and to improve memory and mood. Its major benefit is that it allows the body to use stored fat for energy aiding in weight loss.
Bioflex BCAA Pro are branched chain amino acids, valine and leucine, which help promote protein production, storage and muscle growth. It may also improve mood and the performance of difficult tasks following exercise.
Bioflex Biofurnace is a protein with fat burning, muscle building properties. It is low carb and low fat, and contains BCAAs and glutamine to help with recovery. It also contains thermogenic ingredients to assist with fat burning.


Check your cardio requirements at the right-hand side in red on your meal plan. If it is listed there on any of the 7 days then yes.
No. Your caloric allowance has been adjusted based on the amount of fasted cardio allocated. Do not do any more than listed on your program.
Contact your coach and you will be advised as to how to perform the exercise.
It is ideal however if you cannot train on a specific day, adjust accordingly. Just ensure that you are hitting every body part listed on your training program within that week.
Contact your coach and you will be given a suitable replacement.


In the USA they are the same but in Europe they have different names. Your coach will assist you with this when the time comes.
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You will be advised as to what to enter closer to your selected competition date. Further guidelines of different divisions can be accessed at here.
Inform your coach and upload them the following morning.
Each state has their own arrangement for posing classes. If you do not hear of any in your area, click here to go to the INBA site. Select your state and then contact your State President and ask about posing classes. They will let you know what is in place close to where you live.
On average 12 weeks is ideal but it is all dependent on your body shape/type, what division you are aiming for and your tentative competition date. It is important to discuss this with your coach and decide on a suitable time frame that will allow you to get to comp day whilst maintaining good health.
Yes – but you will not notice. Your diet will gradually change to slowly ease you into a more difficult prep. The only noticeable change will be peak week.


If it is not listed on the diet plan, you do not eat or drink it.
Generally, nil cardio during peak week unless indicated otherwise on your plan.
4 sets become 2, 3 sets become 2, same reps. Halve the weights used as well.
E.g. Dumbell Preachers – usually 4 x sets with reps 20, 12, 10, 8. This becomes 2 x sets with reps 12 and 10. Halve your usual weight.
Yes, but it must be included in your water loading requirements.


No. Hair removal is necessary but only areas that are particularly hairy. If you do not have excessively hairy arms then you do not need to remove it. Hair removal methods are selected through personal preference.
Yes, however, in order to preserve your tan it must stay dry – so be cautious!
Protan and Jana Tan are both good products for tanning.
Tracey Kelly from Midnight Spray Tanning has bookings available for Team Flexr6 Competitors. Visit the Midnight Tan website.
You can stick it down with a product called bikini bite. It is available for purchase for Team Flexr6 competitors.
It is personal preference. If you feel confident to do it on your own then feel free to. Keep in mind grooming is part of the criteria you are being marked against. Flexr6 competitors can use Lucy Lane Lasses and receive a discounted price.
There are many different companies who make competition bikinis. You can buy online but being fitted in person is preferable. Have a look online for different companies in your area and if you are still having trouble contact Flexr6.
This will vary from different suppliers however around 2 months would be suitable. Do not forget that your body will change so you need to cater for this, but also allow enough time for it to be made in time.
For INBA, the height and style of shoe is personal preference however clear heels are favourable. Make sure you allow enough time for them to arrive in time.
It is personal preference however remember you are delivering the ‘whole package’. Having well-groomed nails may enhance your overall look.
Female Fitness, Male Fitness and Male Physique Competitors Only.

It will be supplied by INBA on the day.


Generally, you arrive 2 hours before your first division is scheduled on stage. However, check the details on the event information as every competition may have slightly different requirements.
You will be given a checklist prior to comp day.
The Gatorade/Powerade is to stop you cramping on stage. It puts the required salts and minerals back into your body.
The INBA have provided judging criteria for each category. Read more about INBA judging criteria.
Yes – you will be advised to bring suitable equipment for this on your comp day checklist.
The event coordinators will inform you of when you need to begin moving towards stage. Prior to this you will be pumping up etc. You will be advised of when to do this by your coach.
You will be advised prior to comp day to bring extra food in case you are waiting around for longer than expected. Most divisions will be running behind. You will be prepared.

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