Get the Flexr6 Global App and exceed your fitness goals!

Online & mobile personal training and nutrition all in the one app!

With the Flexr6 mobile app and your smartphone you can:

Access your workouts

Print out your workouts

Start and track stats for your workout

View past stats for each exercise and set to see where to start

View workout instructions and exercise targets set by your Flexr6 Trainer

Launch the rest and interval timer

Stream video to watch how the exercise needs to be performed

Take and upload progress photos

Take and upload measurements

Schedule in workouts and cardio

Move scheduled workouts if needed

Message your Flexr6 trainer

Message your Team members

Receive your weekly diet plan

Have early access to your weekly food and supplement shopping list

Print out your weekly diet plan

The Flexr6 Global App can be used anywhere in the world with all Flexr6 fitness services.

Click on any of these Flexr6 fitness services below to learn more and to become part of the team:

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