Flexr6 Interview with INBA Australia!!

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The INBA caught up with Ken Ross in an unedited and unscripted interview, here is what Ken had to say about 2014:

INBA: Thanks Ken for giving us this interview at such short notice. Tell me, how do you prepare yourself 16 times in one year?

Ken: It is the mental approach that allows me to do this. Bodybuilding is the number one priority in my life. I really wanted to test the boundaries of mental and physical preparation this year and I have achieved that.

INBA: Were you at 100% for every show?

Ken: No. And this was intentional. In the past I have learnt that my body can only peak for 3 shows consecutively. I used the earlier shows in INBA 2014 Season A as a trial for the INBA World Championships in Slovakia where I peaked. I have taken the same approach with Season B and will be at my peak at the INBA Natural Olympia in San Diego.

INBA: Why did you choose to compete at the INBA Natural Olympia?

Ken: This event really is the pinnacle of the INBA Calendar. Having competed internationally on three separate occasions I am excited to be onstage at the most professionally run natural bodybuilding event in the world.

INBA: Australia has a very impressive team heading over to the Natural Olympia. Is this an advantage to you?

Ken: Definitely. There are some fantastic amateur and professional bodybuilders competing at this great event. Many of these people I look up to as iconic INBA athletes.

INBA: Can you outline which INBA events you have competed at this year?

Ken: INBA Southern Cross, INBA NSW Regional, INBA Sydney, INBA Canberra & Country, INBA Perth, INBA Tropix A, INBA North Coast, INBA City Nationals, INBA World Championships, INBA West Coast, INBA South Coast, INBA ACT, INBA NT, INBA Muscle & Model, INBA Australians

INBA: And finally, what are the plans for Team Flexr6 in 2015?

Ken: I am currently preparing a strong and exciting team for the INBA 2015 Season A. Most of these competitors are first timers which is very exciting. Team Flexr6 has competitors in most states across Australia and I personally travel to each show to support each competitor on their big day.

If you would like to join Team Flexr6 for your complete competition preparation with the INBA in 2015 then click here to send Ken a message. Ken will reply to you personally within 24 hours.

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Founding Director of FLEXR6 Fitness Solutions and a natural bodybuilder for 33 years. Ken is based in Australia and competes at the international level. Ken is a current PNBA Pro and has competed in 100 INBA shows! In 2017 Ken was presented with the INBA World Ambassador for Natural Sports Award. Ken is a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. Read more about Ken or get in touch via the contact form.

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