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Join Team Flexr6: Complete Physique Competition Preparation

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Founding Director of FLEXR6 Fitness Solutions and a natural bodybuilder for 33 years. Ken is based in Australia and competes at the international level. Ken is a current PNBA Pro and has competed in 100 INBA shows! In 2017 Ken was presented with the INBA World Ambassador for Natural Sports Award. Ken is a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. Read more about Ken or get in touch via the contact form.


  1. Interested in perhaps joining your team for INBA season B. I am a Pt and have trained myself for the last 12 months with top 4 placings at nearly all comps, but feel i need guidance to get me to the nect level.

    I am planning on competing at Nationals and then Bali in October.

    Could I get some more information on your programs ect

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