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Miguel’s Bodybuilding Dream Supported by Team Flexr6!

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Do you have a bodybuilding dream? Team Flexr6 can make these a reality in 2018. Whether it is your first physique show or your 100th, Flexr6 will be there with you!

Miguel Jagessar age 40 of Trinidad and Tobago has been competing since the year 2000. One of his favorite career highlights is wining first place at the Sportsworld Classic in 2015. As an experienced campaigner, Miguel is looking forward to another great competition season in 2018.  Miguel, is a Flexr6 Sponsored athlete. If you are a National or World Champion in any natural bodybuilding division you may be eligible to become a Flexr6 sponsored athlete!

“Ken Ross is my sponsor and he believes in my dream,” he says. Miguel is very active on Facebook always sharing motivational videos and great photos from his scrapbook. Miguel stays positive and works hard with Ken and Team Flexr6. Miguel will be bringing his best to the INBA PNBA Natural Olympia in 2018.

Sponsored athlete, Miguel is fulfilling his bodybuilding dream via the Flexr6 Global App

The Flexr6 Global App with your Team Flexr6 Competition Preparation will provide you with your supplement, nutrition and training plans in a convenient and central location – right there on your smart phone!  It also encourages you to be accountable through the submission of your weekly measurements and pictures to your Flexr6 Global trainer which leads to awesome progress throughout the duration of your Team Flexr6 Competition Preparation

Competing with the Flexr6 Global App:
  • Motivation from your Flexr6 Global Online Coach
  • Worldwide 24/7 365 contact with your global online coach
  • Post your Personal Best workouts on Facebook!
  • Access your workouts
  • Print out your workouts
  • Start and track stats for your workout
  • View past stats for each exercise and set to see where to start
  • View workout instructions and exercise targets set by your Flexr6 Trainer
  • Launch the rest and interval timer
  • Stream video to watch how the exercise needs to be performed
  • Take and upload progress photos
  • Take and upload measurements
  • Schedule in workouts and cardio
  • Move scheduled workouts if needed
  • Message your Flexr6 trainer
  • Message your Team members
  • Receive your weekly diet plan
  • Have early access to your weekly food and Bioflex supplement shopping list
  • Print out your weekly diet plan

Read more about competing with Team Flexr6 here or leave a comment below or send Flexr6 a message via our contact form at the bottom of this page! 

You can also contact us via any of our social media apps including Facebook and Instagram

We will respond to you within 5hrs! 

Content by Alison Marli & Ken Ross


Founding Director of FLEXR6 Fitness Solutions and a natural bodybuilder for 33 years. Ken is based in Australia and competes at the international level. Ken is a current PNBA Pro and has competed in 100 INBA shows! In 2017 Ken was presented with the INBA World Ambassador for Natural Sports Award. Ken is a qualified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. Read more about Ken or get in touch via the contact form.

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