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Flexr6 Interview with INBA Australia!!

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The INBA caught up with Ken Ross in an unedited and unscripted interview, here is what Ken had to say about 2014:

INBA: Thanks Ken for giving us this interview at such short notice. Tell me, how do you prepare yourself 16 times in one year?

Ken: It is the mental approach that allows me to do this. Bodybuilding is the number one priority in my life. I really wanted to test the boundaries of mental and physical preparation this year and I have achieved that.
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TEAM FLEXR6, PNBA Pro Rose Black, Ian Adams and much more at FLEXR6 HQ

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Ian Adams (IAP) captured a fantastic insight into what is happening right now on the INBA bodybuilding competition circuit here in Australia and internationally, on and off the stage at Flexr6HQ in Canberra. Nadine Amesz from WA conducted the interview via hookup from Perth with INBA/PNBA World Champion and PNBA Pro, Rose Black and Flexr6 Director, Ken Ross. Master posing coach, Vicki Arief also provided some fantastic dialogue for the interview.
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