Team Flexr6 INBA Season B Comp Prep Report 11 AUG 13

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Team Flexr6 Comp Prep Report 19/2013 11AUG13

35 days out – INBA Lifestyle Classic
42 days out – INBA ACT
49 days out – INBA NSW

With only 5 weeks to go which is a very, very short time when prepping for comp I have had some pleasing results over the last week (see data below). The waist is coming down as expected at about 1cm per week – the goal is to have a 76cm waist at INBA Lifestyle Classic then smaller for the INBA ACT and smaller again for INBA NSW.
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Team Flexr6 INBA Season B Comp Prep Report

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Flexr6 Comp Prep Report 18/2013 28JUL

INBA Season B & Flexr649 days to go – INBA Lifestyle Classic
56 days tp go – INBA ACT
63 days to go – INBA NSW

Another interesting week with competition preparation. Managed to drop 900gms in bodyweight and reduce my waist by 1cm. Still having high calorie days through a high volume of almonds – these will reduce to 1 -2 days next week in an attempt to accelerate further fat loss.

Training has been fantastic with all lifts still increasing and maintenance of muscle size (see measurements below).
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Bioflex Promotion @ Absolute Fitness Goulburn 29 July

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Bioflex at Abso flyer 29 July




Team Flexr6 competitors Ken, Penny & Nic will be at Absolute Fitness, Goulburn on 29 July from 4pm – 7pm. So come down and grab your free Bioflex samples, have a chat about training, nutrition and supplements and pick up your Bioflex supplements at the Flexr6 discount price!

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Flexr6 now on the INBA Website!

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INBA Sidebar Flexr6 Ad

Flexr6 is now advertising on the sidebar of every page on the INBA Website . Flexr6 will provide you with a comprehensive competition preparation package.

If you would like to know more about competing with the INBA and would like to join Team Flexr6 then please send me a message via the Flexr6 contact form. I will repspond to you within 24hrs!  

Flexr6 Show Report – 2013 INBA Brisbane Physique Titles

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INBA Brisbane Physique Titles – 26 May 2013

What a fantastic show and a great experience! With over 300 individual competitors and thousands of spectators the auditorium was electric!

We arrived about midday and set up camp backstage outside in the sun. As per usual INBA Qld President, Jason Woodforth and his crew had the show running 30mins ahead of schedule. Constant updates from the INBA Qld backstage crew kept us all in the loop and greatly assisted our preparations.
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