Christmas: Your Nine Week Pre-Shred – Let’s Do This!

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Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching again. There are only nine weeks left. Instead of adding weight through the build up period Flexr6 can help you shed unwanted weight so you can start the new year in a positive manner.

The Coach

Flexr6 Director & Head Coach, Ken Ross has been a natural health and wellbeing advocate for 34 years. His personal weight loss journey of 40kg and his experience in helping in excess of 400 others to lose weight forms the basis of your program.

Ken is also a certified Nutrition Coach & Master Personal Trainer.

The Program

Your Christmas Pre-Shred Health and Wellbeing program is all about you. Flexr6 will discuss with you your current lifestyle, health, wellbeing and goals. In addition, we will then together build a program that will only impact on your life in a positive manner.

In addition, our program will also allow you to enjoy your traditional days such as, work Christmas party, Christmas Day and Boxing Day whilst still achieving outstanding results.

We have a variety of delivery methods for our programs. For instance, but not limited to:
Flexr6 Global App, Email, Skype or Social Media

The Results

Accountability, support, communication & feedback are the key aspects. Flexr6 is built on these attributes and delivers them year after year across 400+ clients. Therefore, you will become another success story using the
Christmas Pre-Shred Health and Wellness program. Flexr6 carefully monitors you step by step to ensure a positive and meaningful outcome.

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Flexr6 can also supply you a great range of natural, legal supplements from our Flexr6 Shop that may assist your weight loss program!

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