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Complete Physique Competition Preparation

We will train your mind and body to exceed your goals and dreams!

Flexr6 Director, Ken Ross has been a natural bodybuilder for nearly 30 years and competes locally as well as at the international level. Ken is a qualified personal trainer who assists men and women to achieve their fitness goals.

Flexr6 offers a unique analytical based approach to its clients. The collation, assessment and analysis of your data enables Flexr6 to provide individual and effective training and diet programs to enable you to reach your goals quickly.

We offer:

  • Regional, national & international online competition preparation (Specialising in INBA competition preparation)
  • Weight management
  • Nutrition plans
  • Supplement plans
  • Training programs
  • And lots more

Flexr6 Humble Beginnings

Flexr6 Fitness Solutions began trading in 2010.

It’s founding Director, Ken Ross has been bodybuilding for nearly 30 years.

Ken has competed in over 50 bodybuilding competitions and has successfully prepared several men and women from all parts of Australia with the number of International clients growing.

Flexr6 is also a retail outlet for Bioflex Nutrition – Australia’s Purest Supplements.

  • Flexr6 will provide you with a detailed supplement program outlining the supplements you require, when you should take them and most importantly, why you are taking them and what you should expect from the Bioflex range.
  • Team Flexr6 team members get an excellent discounted rate!

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Flexr6 Competition Preparation

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Online and one-to-one complete competition preparation packages for:

  • Bikini, Bikini Momma, Fitness Model, Figure International, Ms Figure & Ms Physique.
  • Mr Beach Body, Men’s Fitness Model, Men’s Athletic, Mr. Physique & Men’s Bodybuilding.

Ken’s story

Overweight to Outstanding

My story outlines the journey I have travelled.

In 2006 I found myself in a place I did not want to be. I was extremely overweight and it was affecting my health. I was working two jobs, sleeping 2-3 hours per night, was constantly ill and felt down all the time.

I now have the knowledge and experience to help you with your life goals.

Action needed to be taken! I attended the Australian Grand Prix Bodybuilding show in Melbourne in March and decided I would compete in my first bodybuilding show in 2007…..and with the help of my great friend Sean “Big Joel Stubbs” Boffa… the journey began.

September 2007, INBA ACT titles. I had dropped to 86kg for this show through a lot of hard work and dieting. I had dropped 8kg in the last week by running every day and eating nothing – I now know this was a huge mistake – but I had no-one to help me!

Before leaving home for the show I thought I looked pretty good in the mirror but when I went to the pump up room at the venue and saw how well conditioned the other competitors were I knew I was way off. Hence, I came a distant last that day…but for me it was a win as it was the first step toward my ultimate goal.

One year later at the INBA ACT 2008 I had made some dramatic improvements to my overall muscle size and conditioning. Whilst being nowhere near the standard of the guys at the top of my division I was constantly learning, and knew by being consistent that I would continue to improve.

2009 INBA Olympia on the Gold Coast where I stepped on stage at 71kg and was in the best shape of my life.

This was the 9th and final show for 2009. I had managed to change my overall bodyshape by bringing in my waistline to create the illusion that I was bigger than I actually was. With some fantastic assistance from a lot of people (and you all know who you are) I had taken the next step in my life. But, those people also know that I am far from finished and that the best is yet to come !!

Complete Competition Preparation

Flexr6 has a very effective online or one to one competition preparation package suited to your lifestyle and goals.

  • Flexr6 can prepare you for your first or next INBA competition.
  • Team Flexr6 is already growing rapidly and this is an exciting time to become a Team Flexr6 competitor!!

Flexr6 is currently preparing competitors for the following INBA categories:


  • Bikini, Bikini Momma, Fitness Model, Angels, Figure, Figure International, Physique


  • Fitness, Beach Body, Physique, Bodybuilding


Flexr6 Approach

Flexr6 will use an analytical approach to your preparation using diet, training & measurements to keep you progressing toward your goal.

Rose Ken backstage Worlds

Your package includes:

  • One-to-one training sessions
  • Weekly individual diet plans
  • Targeted training programs
  • Specific supplementation programs
  • Biography on the Flexr6 website
  • Monitoring your measurements
  • Team Flexr6 T-Shirt & Singlet & Beanie!
  • Administration (including submitting registration forms, etc)
  • 24/7 contact should any concerns arise

Flexr6 also has for its competitors (these are at the expense of the competitor but at greatly reduced prices):

  • Discounts on Bioflex supplements
  • Discounts on tanning products
  • Discounts on Flexr6 training equipment including belts & straps
  • When you join Team Flexr6 as a competitor you are added to our closed Facebook group “Team Flexr6 Competitors”.
    • This is my main form of communication with the Team where we provide important updates, motivational posts and pictures, competition information and reports, my travel updates visiting our interstate Team members and a wide range of other useful information.
    • It is also an opportunity for you to provide updates on your own progress and to communicate with your fellow Team members all over Australia.

Flexr6 will get you into fantastic shape for your upcoming show or competition season

Further information

If you would like further information on becoming a Team Flexr6 Competitor with the INBA just complete the contact form below and we will send you a follow up email!

Flexr6 offers a unique analytical based approach to its clients

The collation, assessment and analysis of your data enables Flexr6 to provide individual and effective training and diet programs to enable you to reach your goals quickly.

  • Meal Plans for optimal nutrition
  • Training Programs

If you would like to compete in 2015 or 2016 please use the contact form:

This will send a message directly to Flexr6 Director, Ken Ross who will respond to you within 24hrs!