Constructing your Physique: The five essentials

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There are of course many aspects to constructing your physique however, these are the five essentials we will discuss in a chronological sequence.


You need to play the cards you’ve been dealt with, right?

Of course, you do. Or do you?

We are all human in appearance and our DNA is consistent within our species. But we all look so different.

Some cultures are more prominent in strength related sports. Strongmen and women are predominantly from the Scandinavian region and the Baltic States. Frozen skeletons from thousands of years ago have been discovered and examined. They have displayed larger than average bone structures indicating these people were just plain big. Their bloodlines have produced the strongmen and women we see today.   

Go to any bodybuilding show and look at the abdominal definition of each competitor. There are six packs, eight packs, four packs, thick, shallow, symmetrical, and off-set abs. They all serve the same purpose for us humans, but some are more appealing to the judges’ eye.

Disillusioned already? Not a chance! You can change your appearance to be far more appealing everyday and onstage. Keep reading.


So, you have your cards in your hand. Which ones do you throw back and which ones do you keep? What card or cards are you hoping to receive to have the strongest and winning hand?

You throw some, or all back and you live in hope that you will be touched by an angel and receive the hand from heaven. But you may get the hand from hell.

But I digress….and therein is the lesson. Don’t be distracted by the myriad of tricksters, frauds and dare I say it, card sharks that will attempt to alter your mindset so they can cash in your chips!    

Set your goals, stay on your path, don’t stray from your end state. Block out the external noise, the negative people and leave the soul-destroying job you hate. Surround yourself with positive people, embrace a healthy lifestyle and be amazed how everything you touch from this point on will turn to gold.

I know this, as this is me.   


The fuel and the recovery! The most underrated weapon in your arsenal. Most of the medicines today are synthetic versions derived from nature.  For thousands of years cultures, such as the Chinese have known the secrets of traditional effective remedies and longevity.

Unfortunately, today we are overpowered with non-nutritious, affordable, timely and often harmful food options. Our body is extremely resilient and adaptive to what we put into it, up until a point.

It isn’t just what we eat it is how we are programmed to eat it. In Western society we are told to eat three meals per day, and bread at lunchtime is a tradition. Well guess what? That doesn’t work! Just look at most people in the Western World.  

If you want to construct an efficient machine you must supply it with the right fuel and recovery options using precise timing. I can best describe this as an individual science. There is only one person who knows your body. That person needs to self-educate or source a reputable educator to optimise the building of the ultimate physique.

Knowledge is indeed, power!


You have been training for something since the moment you were born. To breath walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep, cry, laugh, etc. In fact, the list is endless.

We go through life becoming interested and maybe less interested or even disinterested in a range of topics, issues, and endeavours.

Some people are in constant training to be the world champion at having a heart attack. Whilst some others train as hard and as often as they can to contract lung cancer or liver failure. If you do something for long enough you will get good at it!  

Whatever you are training for do it with passion. If you do not absolutely love the training and the result, then you need to change your focus. You may find it all too hard or it may be a mockery and you need a higher challenge.


As a species we learn through repetition. The constant imprinting of our brain, positive or negative will work.  

Identify your ideal physique and the steps it requires to attain your Michelangelo or Venus. Follow these steps every single minute of every single day. Live it, breathe it and it will happen.

I have supplied four crucial and malleable overarching key strategies in this document. These can be broken down into steps that can be followed. If you have the fifth; genetics you still need to apply the other four to construct your physique. If you don’t then hell, pretend you do!  

Your author, Ken Ross is a current competitive bodybuilder with INBA/PNBA. Ken has competed in 117 INBA/PNBA competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder and is in the INBA Hall of Fame. Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.

You can contact Ken through the contact form on or Instagram: @flexr6 or Facebook: Flexr6 Fitness Solutions


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