Flexr6 Global Switzerland

Welcome to Flexr6 GlobalSwitzerland! 

Flexr6 will provide you with access to the Flexr6 Global App so your Flexr6 Global Trainer can create your training programs, monitor your progress and analyse your statistics to enable you to EXCEED your goals! 

Your subscription to the Flexr6 Global App includes:

  • Motivation from your Flexr6 Global Trainer
  • Worldwide 24/7 365 contact with your Flexr6 Global Trainer
  • Post your Personal Best workouts on Facebook & Twitter!
  • Access your workouts
  • Print out your workouts
  • Start and track stats for your workout
  • Synchrose to Skype, FitBit, MINBODY. MyFitnessPal and other great Apps!
  • View past stats for each exercise and set to see where to start
  • View workout instructions and exercise targets set by your Flexr6 Global Trainer
  • Launch the rest and interval timer
  • Stream video to watch how the exercise needs to be performed
  • Take and upload progress photos
  • Take and upload measurements
  • Schedule in workouts and cardio
  • Move scheduled workouts if needed
  • Message your Flexr6 trainer

1 month subscription to the Flexr6 Global App – €15.00

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