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Flexr6 is now International!

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Robin Haussmann from South Africa recently visited his sister-in-law Team Flexr6 competitor, Adele Haussmann in Canberra. While in Canberra Robin visited FLEXR6 HQ and is now the first Flexr6 International client. Robin has lost bodyfat and added muscle within a short period of time with Flexr6!

Here is the latest correspondence from Robin…..
Hi Ken,Hope this finds you well!I just wanted to update you on my progress on the Flexr6 programme.Well, I’ve only been on it for about 5 weeks, but am amazed by the results!
DSC_0585Firstly I have visibly lost abdomen fat, but gained 2 kilos in weight, andthe muscle gain is evident. The results of your methods  knock the socks offanything I’ve done before- much quicker and more effective. I find I amgetting much more benefit per hour spent in the gym than ever before!The bonus is that, at age 64, I don’t remember ever feeling better,energised and healthy!I have purchased a power cage with all the attachments so I’m not onlydependent on our little town gym, which is far from here.I’ll send you a picture of me wrestling a Leopard or something as soon asthe opportunity presents itself!This one was taken just in front of our house.Many thanks,Kind regards,Robin.

If you would like to join Team Flexr6:

as a competitor for the 2015 INBA Season A; OR

for weight loss & muscle gain; OR

to just improve your quality of life then contact Team Flexr6 today via Facebook or via the Flexr6 contact form found on the Flexr6 website here 

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