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Fulfil YOUR Goals Onstage with Team Flexr6 In 2019!

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Do you want to fulfil YOUR goals in 2019? Contact Flexr6 today to commence your 2019 Comp Prep using our safe, natural and successful program. 

A Flexr6 2019 Comp Prep is of a longer duration to enable you to get onstage in a safe and natural manner to fulfil your goals. For first time competitors a comp prep can be daunting and often insurmountable. Our aim at Flexr6 is to finish what we started, with success!

Flexr6 has successfully put 150+ individuals onstage, most of these were first time competitors. We also have a very high return rate of competitors wanting to do their second, third or fouth comp preps with Team Flexr6.

Many first timers ask such things as how to become a fitness model or what is the best fitness tracker? When you become a part of Team Flexr6 to fulfil your goals we give you all the building blocks, knowledge, support and motivation to become a fitness model, or any other category of competitor. We also give you access to the Flexr6 Global App which syncs with many fitness trackers, such as FitBit. The Flexr6 Global App allows the Director of Flexr6, Ken Ross to track and analyse your progress anywhere in the world. He can also answer your messages on cue 24/7. This gives Flexr6 the unique edge over other comp prep entities.

Once you complete your first comp you will be empowered to take on anything in life with confidence.  Any new challenge will seem easy and you will smash it!

Fulfil your goals – how do I begin?

Read more about your competition preparation with Team Flexr6 here or leave a comment below or send Flexr6 a message via our contact form at the bottom of this page! 

You can also contact us via any of our social media apps including Facebook and Instagram

We will respond to you within 5hrs! 

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