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Misinformation Overload! Are You About to Have a Meltdown?

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Are you drowning in the endless theories and counter theories that the world has become? I’m waiting for an expert to cite that the ocean is pink, and the grass is purple! The scary part about that is it will have believers and followers who will put forward their own supporting evidence!

Since way before any of us were born there were con artists, snake oil salesmen, charlatans, thieves, rogues, and scallywags. The only thing these people didn’t have was the internet, so the expansion and reach of their craft was limited and slow. But now this has changed and their expansion and reach are immediate and limitless. And with a growing, naïve, and untapped market these people, and their automated online personas are exponentially exploding. And this is about to get far, far worse now that anyone can access the Artificial Intelligence (AI) range of tools.

If something seems too good to be true, or it goes against the grain of wide held beliefs and scientifically supported evidence over decades or centuries, then it probably is false. Start thinking for yourself again. It’s very refreshing!

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Your author, Ken Ross is a current competitive natural bodybuilder with INBA PNBA Global. In 2007, Ken started at ground zero mentally and physically. Ken has now competed in 138 INBA PNBA Global competitions, is the world record holder for INBA competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, is in the INBA Hall of Fameis the INBA PNBA Global World Ambassador, is the INBA PNBA Global New Zealand Presidenthas created 29 INBA PNBA Global Olympia, Universe or World Champions, and Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.

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