Move Health & Fitness Up Your Priority List

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Do you have great health & fitness intentions for 2019? Did you fail with your 2018 health & fitness campaign? Now is the time to make an impact!

We all have the best intentions to become fit and healthy at the start of a new year. We set ourselves up with a health & fitness campaign but often it may only last a day, a week or a month. Flexr6 can provide you a sustainable nutrition and training program that will keep you motivated throughout and produce great results!

Using the Flexr6 Global App with your Flexr6 Better Health Program will provide you with your supplement, nutrition and strength training workouts in a convenient and central location – right there on your smart phone!  It also encourages you to be accountable through the submission of your measurements to your Flexr6 Global trainer which leads to achieving your health & fitness goals throughout the duration of your Flexr6 program. 

Your Flexr6 Global App allows you to track your health & fitness campaign :

  • Record your workouts
  • Print out your workouts
  • Receive your individualised weekly diet plan
  • Have early access to your weekly food and supplement shopping list
  • Print out your weekly diet plan
  • Use your shopping list right there on your smartphone
  • Start and track stats for your workout
  • View past stats for each exercise and set to see where to start
  • View workout instructions and exercise targets set by your Flexr6 Trainer
  • Launch the rest and interval timer
  • Stream video to watch how the exercise needs to be performed
  • Take and upload progress photos
  • Take and upload measurements
  • Schedule in workouts and cardio
  • Move scheduled workouts if needed
  • Message your Flexr6 trainer
  • Message your Team members

Read more about achieving your health & fitness goals, the Flexr6 Global App & the Flexr6 Better Health Programs here . Or leave a comment below or send Flexr6 a message via our contact form at the bottom of this page!


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