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Next Level Physique – Are You Ready Team Flexr6 USA?

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What is Team Flexr6 USA?

To achieve that next level physique our international team here at Flexr6 includes USA residents. Therefore, this includes newcomers to world champion natural athletes. Moreover, all Team Flexr6 USA athletes are coached to be WADA compliant.

Globally Endorsed

Team Flexr6 USA is a strong and recognisable brand that is endorsed by the INBA globally. You will find our logo on the home website for INBA PNBA Global here. In addition, Flexr6 has produced 12 World Champions and countless national, state & regional winners.

Firstly, all Flexr6 athletes have access to the Flexr6 Global App for their training and nutrition plans. The App is a 24/7 online resource for you to remain compliant throughout your competition preparation.

The Coach

Flexr6 Director & Head Coach, Ken Ross has been a natural bodybuilder for 34 years. Ken is in the INBA Hall of Fame, a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, has won three world titles and has competed in 112 INBA PNBA competitions to date. In addition, Ken has competed in 12 countries around the globe. In other words, you are being led from the front by one of the most experienced & well travelled coaches in the business, who is a current competitor!

The Program

How can I achieve a next level physique online?

Above all, communication is the key. At Flexr6 we will be in constant contact with you. We have a wide variety of media to enable us to converse 24/7. At Flexr6 we do not subscribe to the “weekly check-in” theory. You are digging deep with your 24/7 commitment, we acknowledge that and give you 24/7 access to Flexr6 with all your questions!

You can learn more about the training and nutrition aspects of your program and the Flexr6 Global App on our dedicated Team Flexr6 USA web page here

Join Team Flexr6 USA here

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In conclusion, Flexr6 is excited as you to have you on our team!

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