World Championships

Next Stop on the Flexr6 World Tour is the World Championships

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The INBA PNBA PRO AM World Championships are to be held in Florence, Italy from 24-26 JUNE. The Flexr6 World Tour will see me onstage at these World Championships in the following categories:

PNBA PRO Masters Bodybuilding, Classic Physique Masters & Mixed Pairs

Updated Results:

21 May – INBA Sydney Championships: 2nd Ink/Tattoo, 1st Mixed Pairs, 1st Classic Physique Masters, 2nd Classic Physique 30+, 3rd Classic Open Short

28 May – INBA National Championships: 2nd Ink/Tattoo, 1st Mixed Pairs, 1st Classic Physique Masters, 1st Classic Physique 30+, 2nd Classic Open Short

Next up:

24-26 June – INBA PNBA Pro Am World Championships, Florence, Italy

2 July – INBA PNBA Pro Am Mr & Mrs USA, Allen, TX, USA

30 July – INBA PNBA PRO AM International Iron Man Magazine, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA

6 August – INBA 34th Annual California Naturals, Petaluma, CA, USA

6 August – PNBA Wolfpack & Cougar Classic, Petaluma, CA, USA

Join today – for you first, or next competition preparation:

Your author, Ken Ross is a current competitive natural bodybuilder with INBA PNBA Global. Ken has competed in 122 INBA PNBA Global competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, is the INBA PNBA Global World Ambassador for Natural Sports, has created 26 INBA PNBA Global Olympia, Universe, World, Champions, is the world record holder for INBA competitions and is in the INBA Hall of Fame. Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.

You can contact Ken through the contact form on or Instagram: @flexr6 or Facebook: Flexr6 Fitness Solutions

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