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Priorities – Get Yours in Order!

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Mine is to optimise full mental and physical functionality for the longest time period possible. What’s yours?

That’s right! Everything I do is to maximise my quality and length of life. As I age I am becoming more attuned every day to what my body needs, and doesn’t need.

Surrounding myself with positive, honest and real people is one of my strengths for mental integrity. In turn, if anyone breaches any of these I will ruthlessly remove them from my life. Tolerance can only last a short infinite time.

Physically, I continue to educate myself and listen to my body. If you have a headache or a stomach ache there is always a reason for that. I am now very adept at identifying the reason and eliminating the cause. I never take painkillers as these only mask the symptoms.

I have adopted these, and many other life extending principles over the last 15 or so years. When I turned 40 the light bulb came on and I put my longevity plan into action. If I hadn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this today!

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Your author, Ken Ross is a current competitive natural bodybuilder with INBA PNBA Global. Ken has competed in 138 INBA PNBA Global competitions, is the world record holder for INBA competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, is in the INBA Hall of Fameis the INBA PNBA Global World Ambassador, is the INBA PNBA Global New Zealand Presidenthas created 29 INBA PNBA Global Olympia, Universe or World Champions, and Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.

You can contact Ken through the contact form on or Instagram: @flexr6 or Facebook: Flexr6 Fitness Solutions

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