Sonja’s Post Competition Muscle Up Success!

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After competing at 2015 INBA North Coast and 2015 INBA World Championships in 2015 Sonja has had impressive results with the post competition Flexr6 Muscle Up Program.

This is what Sonja had to report on 26 September from her post competition Flexr6 Muscle Up Program:

Just had a Dexa scan – 2.5kg of muscle since January. Totally awesome cause it includes 6 months of prepping and only a couple of months of bulking. 3.6kg of muscle since last year! Thank you Ken Ross! Spot on with maintaining muscle during prep and max gainz during bulking!!! Very very happy! …and 13.6% BF which great at this stage 🙂

The Flexr6 Muscle Up Program is suited toward the individual and is designed to:

– improve weak bodyparts
– build quality muscle
– keep your life structured
– give you new goals
– prepare for you next comp
The Flexr6 Muscle Up Program is designed to stop:
– post comp blowouts
– binge eating
– feeling lost and with no purpose

Team Flexr6 has had an amazing year with all competitors qualifying for the Flexr6 INBA Australian Championships and the INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia!

Team Flexr6 will have 12 competitors onstage at the INBA Australian Championships and Flexr6 Director, Ken Ross will be taking five Team Flexr6 competitors to compete at the INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia in Las Vegas USA 13-15 November.

If you would like to join Team Flexr6 for your post competition Flexr6 Muscle Up Program and/or 2016 online competition preparation then click here to learn more!

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