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Your Flexr6 Online Competition Preparation includes

  • New diet plan each week

    (this is primarily whole foods and can include all fruits & vegetables, beef, poultry, all fish, kangaroo, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, coffee/tea, pancakes, oats, avocado & eggs). We cater to all dietary requirements. Flexr6 is dedicated to maintaining/improving your inner health throughout your competition preparation

  • Training programs

    (to suit your lifestyle and equipment availability)

  • Specific supplementation programs

    (You can purchase your Bioflex Supplements from the Flexr6 Shop. As a Team Flexr6 competitor you receive 10% off the RRP. Flexr6 will incorporate your current supplements into your program if they are assessed as beneficial)

  • Biography on the Flexr6 website

  • Weekly progress photo/measurement analysis and feedback

  • Administration

  • Sponsorship opportunity

    (all Australian, World, Universe & Olympia title holders receive free comp prep, further discounts on supplements & travel/accommodation/competition financial assistance)

  • 24/7 contact should any concerns arise

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Payment Options

Payment Options

Weekly, sponsored & student payments

Weekly ongoing payments (existing Flexr6 Competitors)
Weekly ongoing sponsored athletes (existing Flexr6 Competitors)
Weekly ongoing students (must be 18 years of age or less)

Payment Options