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You Train Hard – But Do You Train Efficiently?

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You believe you train hard and that’s great! If you are giving it your all and are totally pumped and exhausted by the end of you workout then you cannot question your commitment. But, are you getting from point A to point B in the quickest possible way?

Efficient training is the best way to train. You won’t be compromising perceived effort or rate of exertion, but you will be assisting optimal muscle growth.

By lowering your weight and really focusing on the muscle group you are training is the most efficient way to train. It reduces the risk of injury and puts your maximum effort into stimulating the target muscle group.

Most people will go to the same commercial gym year after year. Look around you. How many of these people can you say have visually added muscle mass to their frame in the last year, including you? The answer will likely be zero.

Contact us today – to train efficiently and watch the growth occur!

Your author, Ken Ross is a current competitive natural bodybuilder with INBA PNBA Global. In 2007, Ken started at ground zero mentally and physically. Ken has now competed in 138 INBA PNBA Global competitions, is the world record holder for INBA competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, is in the INBA Hall of Fameis the INBA PNBA Global World Ambassador, is the INBA PNBA Global New Zealand Presidenthas created 29 INBA PNBA Global Olympia, Universe or World Champions, and Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.

You can contact Ken through the contact form on flexr6.com or Instagram: @flexr6 or Facebook: Flexr6 Fitness Solutions

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