Suzanne from NSW, Australia will be stepping onstage for the first time in 2021. "I have always wanted to compete in a natural body building competition for many years , but I was never real sure of how to go about it and not even sure of my own abilities to compete. So I finally set out to find myself a coach. I needed a coach who was approachable at any time, a coach that had knowledge and proven expertise. I came across Ken from another competitor who had also used Ken to coach her and became a great success. After my first conversation with Ken I knew I had found my coach ! So easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. Ken is always available to listen to me and advise me, at anytime of the day. At any time I have any problems with my diet or training Ken always supports me with his encouragement and expertise. Through Ken I now have the confidence and the ability to be prepared for my first competition. No regrets with joining Team flexr6 and so excited to not only compete with Ken by my side but to also spend many more years with Team Flexr6."

Sponsored Competitor Anthony
Anthony Da Silva age 44 from ACT, Australia is a Flexr6 Sponsored Competitor and has been competing since 2005. Anthony feels every competition is a highlight and a learning experience. Some of his favourite wins are first place overall 2008 at INBA Dubbo, overall champion INBA NSW, 2016 ANB Mr. Universe, 2017 INBA PNBA World Cup where Anthony became PNBA Pro qualified and his Pro debut at 2017 INBA PNBA Natural Olympia!

Anthony’s goals are to be a show stopper and continue to enjoy his time on stage. “Ken and team Flexr6 are very supportive. Ken is a great training partner and gives awesome advice. Most important are the good times and good laughs,” says Anthony. As a Flexr6 Sponsored Competitor, Anthony recieves Bioflex Nutrition supplements from Flexr6 to achieve his bodybuilding dreams!

coach support
Jodie Davison, 22 years old from QLD Australia is looking forward to the 2018 competition season. She plans to compete in season A at the INBA Sydney and possibly compete in season B depending on the results.

“Team Flexr6 and Ken are very supportive,” says Jodie.Jodie likes using the Flexr6 Global app for tracking her workouts at the gym. The app also allows Jodie an easy way to upload her progress photos and measurements.

bodybuilding dream
Miguel Jagessar age 40 of Trinidad and Tobago has been competing since the year 2000. One of his favorite career highlights is wining first place at the Sportsworld Classic in 2015. As an experienced campaigner, Miguel is looking forward to another great competition season in 2018. Miguel, is a Flexr6 Sponsored athlete. If you are a National or World Champion in any natural bodybuilding division you may be eligible to become a Flexr6 sponsored athlete!

Miguel is very active on Facebook always sharing motivational videos and great photos from his scrapbook. Miguel stays positive and works hard with Ken and Team Flexr6. Miguel will be bringing his best to the INBA PNBA Natural Olympia in 2018.


I first heard about Ken and Flexr6 when I was at an INBA comp in Melbourne in early March 2015.

I competed in my first ever INBA competition in Fitness Model later that month without a coach, but I noticed Ken was there with a large (amazing) group and he caught my attention.

A few days later I contacted him and within minutes he got back to me! A week or so later I began my 12 week prep toward my second ever comp, the INBA All Female Classic, but this time I wanted to do Figure!

Ken encouraged me and believed I could achieve it. Throughout the preparation, he was only a message away, and always too happy to give advice or reassurance. There was no extreme measures taken to get me results, but they came!

I recently got up on that stage at the INBA All Female Classic and took out 3rd Place in Figure International and 6th place in both Figure Novice and Figure Open. All thanks to the amazing Ken Ross!

I am now shooting for the stars and planning a long future with Flexr6!

Erin (Canberra)

I'd always been fascinated with bodybuilding and wanted to one day compete. In 2014 after losing 10kgs by getting back into the gym for my 21st birthday, I needed a new challenge.

One of my girlfriends competed as a member of Flexr6 in Season B and highly recommended Ken Ross. After contacting him, he made me feel welcome and I joined the team.

It's now been 6 months since contacting Ken, I'm 13kg down on this prep, have gone from a 76cm to 60cm waist and am now 10 days out from my first comp as a Fitness Model.

I can't wait to see the final product which Ken and I bring to the stage and am so pleased with how well he and I work together.

Ken listens and offers me advice and critique when i need it and is supportive and available almost 24/7!

I cannot recommend a better coach and I am proud to be part of such an amazing, supportive team as well.

Felicia (Melbourne)

I chose Flexr6 as a team initially because of Ken Ross.

What you offered and how you were so there on email when a client contacts you.

You make people feel extremely welcomed and wanted, you also help them to believe that anything is possible and you can achieve any body you want.

I love that you are always there for each and everyone of us, no matter where you are in the world.

I have stayed for the amazing results I have seen since being on your program and because this team is like no other.

We NEVER put anyone down, we always push our team members when they are down and we all strive to unite and be the greatest.

I have never felt like such a valued team member and here we are all equal so much love for you all!

Hayley (Melbourne)

I love the Team Interaction and knowing my health and fitness growth is in the hands of a professional.

Why change something that works and continues to work?

I remember the night I was about to quit and having your coach tell you, "I believe in you and what you can bring to this sport."

I'll never ever forget that, my life has been start and not finish and well I haven't given up so I'm reaching personal goals I never thought I'd reach.

Liam (Gold Coast)

I chose Flexr6 as my good friend Justin Donnelly was a team member and I saw the incredible results he achieved and wanted the same for myself!

The reason I have stayed with the team is because of the amazing transformation I have achieved in three months.

I have lost over 12 kilos and this is the best shape I have ever been in!

I also love the support of the team and love being part of a team who have the same passion as myself! Not to forget everyone's selfies.

Karen (Boorowa)

Ken friended me on Facebook last year after a comp.

I found out through another competitor that Ken was a trainer and she had been with him since sometime last year.

After talking to her about what she thought of Flexr6 Ken Ross she assured me he was the best.

So here I am loving every minute. Am super happy with the support I get via email and the FB page.

I like that all the team are supportive with each other on the net.

Couldn't be happier.

Beck (Melbourne)

I chose Flexr6 for a couple of reasons. I didn't take the decision lightly because I've experienced a bad coach in the past.

I knew I needed someone knowledgeable, trustworthy and most importantly proven. Team Flexr6 puts winners on the podium whilst maintaining an integrity that most don't poses.

I've always second guessed the advice I've been given and yet since being with Ken have completely trusted him and the process and sure enough the results the coming thick and fast.

He was so fantastic at making me feel welcome and acknowledged as part of the team and believed in me straight away. I would encourage people who love the sport, love the discipline it takes and want someone to lead them who has complete understanding but also actually competes and wins!

Best decision I've ever made. I've already made friends through the network of competitors and can see myself representing Flexr6 for many years to come!

Vicki (Melbourne)

After 3 comp preps and 3 different coaches I surfed the web for weeks, if not months, to find a trainer/coach who would be there for me right throughout my preparation with the dedication and knowledge to take me to the next level needed to compete against the incredible physiques appearing on stage.

I had seen Ken's name and photos pop up a number of times and decided to email him to ask for help.

I have not regretted the decision to join Flexr6 as his love for the sport and his team is truly remarkable.

He will respond to any queries/questions immediately and the gains I have made so far are a true representation of his knowledge and years of experience in this sometimes very challenging industry.

I would encourage anyone thinking of competing to join team Flexr6 and be coached by the best in the business!

Jodie (Brisbane)

I have chosen Ken Ross-Flexr6 simply because of his commitment to his team and the industry.

You don't have to be alone in your comp prep because every step of the way the whole team are watching out for you with support and a world of knowledge.

I love the team spirit of Team Flexr6 and even though I'm in Queensland, I am made to feel like I'm just next door.

No question goes unanswered and there is encouragement and positive energy being given hourly!

This type of environment only reinforces the commitment you have chosen to give yourself and the quality of life you want to possess.

Thanks Ken and Flexr6. This journey is better for having you all in my corner.

Pablo (Melbourne)

After seeing the amazing results everybody gets with your help I decided to leave my nutrition to the pro!

You do what you say and you say what you do.

You are always there for us no matter what time it is which is something no other does.

Scott (Dubbo)

After getting advice from Rose Black I decided to give Ken Ross a try.

I only had 2 months to get ready for a comp and I couldn't believe the results that I got. I went from 20 percent body fat to at least 5 and 6 percent.

It's the first time I saw some massive changes in my body down to diet and different training programmes. Being part of Team Flexr6 was a great experience, with everybody working together and helping each other.

Tara (Melbourne)

After seeing your results of other clients on social media, I was very impressed.

I had a body figure in mind and after seeing other clients I knew Ken was the perfect person to get me there. After some research I decided to change coaches.

I made a great decision, I'm already so impressed with all your help, and very quick responses to my question-filled emails is amazing.

I love all the support through our team page, even though we haven't met we all get along great and support each other strongly as we are all aiming for the same thing!

I'm feeling so much better since starting training with Ken and would highly recommend anyone who wants to do fitness training to approach the Flexr6 team.

Rose (Dubbo)

I met Ken Ross at my second ever show in 2013. I had prepped myself; was a nervous wreck and almost pulled out of the competition.

Ken approached me as I came off stage and complimented me on my physique and made a huge impression on me. I thought what a great guy he was and requested him on Facebook where we remained in contact.

I wanted to prep with him from then however finances did not allow it until later in the year. I began prepping with Ken. He provided my nutrition plan; mentored; emotionally supported and coached me to my best ever condition for my comps in Season A 2014. The highlights from this year after prepping with Ken are many:

  • I have managed to win the Open title in both Figure and/or Physique in every competition I have entered this year
  • including Open Novice IFBB at Fit Ms Open Figure 
  • Ms Open Physique at INBA Southern Cross Championships
  • ACT Titles Open Ms Figure 
  • Open Ms Physique
  • And last but not least Open Ms Physique at the INBA World Titles
  • And I amazingly gained my Pro card with the PNBA at the World Titles.

Ken is the real deal. If you prep with him and are honest about following the plan and give it your best - you are guaranteed results.

I cannot praise Ken and the Flexr6 team enough. We have a great little online community and support and encourage one another every day.

Ken - you are one amazing coach. Always there for us all and actually walking the walk too. You know our struggles and our highs because you compete too. This is what makes Ken such a unique and knowledgeable coach.

Kelly (Gulgong, NSW)

From my very first inquiry, Ken made me feel welcome and valued.

Even via email, he gave off such a positive energy.

That, and with his knowledge and reputation, I just knew Flexr6 was right for me and while I have only been working with him for a short time, every question is answered quickly and I'm already seeing results!

I have no experience with competition but I know I'm in the best hands.

Plus, having all the other Flexr6 team members support and encouragement via Facebook really makes you feel like you're part of a big family! So glad I'm part of it!

Juliet Cotterill - 2011 NABBA Pan Pacific Sportsmodel Champion

My stepfather, Brian has a serious respiratory disease and in order to reduce the symptoms and keep healthy together we decided to start training, doing weights and cardio regularly.

Noticing the way weights changed my body I got more and more interested in bodybuilding and was soon told about competing in body building competitions.

I had my first comp in October 2008 at the ANB Central Coast where I took out first place in the Sports Model division. The feeling was unexplainable and from then on I knew this is what I wanted to do!

Since then I have competed in 11 competitions and placed top 3 in all of them. My biggest achievement would be when I took out first place at the 2011 NABBA Pan Pacific Championships.

Training has become so important to me and changed my lifestyle and I will always build it into my daily routine.

Along my journey I have had several people help and advise me, including Ken.

If you are ever in Canberra contact Ken at Flexr6 for all your personal training, nutrition and supplement requirements.


I bought my wedding dress in March. I ordered a size 10 I haven’t been a size 10 since I was in high school. And I have tried it on again since, and it’s too big for me.

I have maintained the same weight, but the exercises you showed me have made me smaller.

Toby saw me measure myself the other day and he told me to hold out the measuring tape to how I was before – to see how much I actually have lost.

I was jumping around like a crazy person – the difference is astonishing!!! I cannot believe how much I have lost – thanks to you, I have lost about 4 years worth of weight in about 4 months.

I have lost: 10cm off my waist and hips! (EACH – haha); 6cm off my calves; 3cm off my arms
and unfortunately 4cm off my chest – but I suppose it could be worse. I have pretty much lost 10% across the board.

Toby also put it in perspective for me – I’ve nearly lost a whole bag of cement…. I couldn’t even lift one of those before I was training – now not only am I smaller, I’m also stronger.

Thanks again Ken, I couldn’t have done it without you, and you made it so easy.


I was encouraged to have a chat to Ken by a friend of mine who also competes.

After our initial meeting, Ken sent me a diet, which I immediately began following. Within 2 days, my waist measurements dropped 4cm.

A week after I started the diet Ken gave me, my waist was 5cm smaller and I had lost 2.1kg, taking me within reach for the competition!

On 8 September, 10 days before the competition, I was weighing in at 53.7kg and my waist measurement was 72cm.
On comp day, I weighed in at 50.5kg. My waist measured 64cm. I came first in the Ms Figure Novice!

The diet Ken gave me was easy to stick to, varied, and it worked!!

Ken also provided me with an unbelievable amount of support and encouragement along the way, which was exactly what I needed to keep me motivated and positive.

Without Ken, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of just being on stage and not looking out of place. I never expected to even place, let alone win.

I would highly recommend Ken Ross as a trainer no matter what your goals are; be it competition, general health and fitness or just weight loss for a special event.

Thanks again Ken, without you, I couldn’t have done it!

Jhay & Tiina

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life so when 2009 was coming to an end and we had been training at our local gym all year without seeing any significant results we were starting to feel frustrated (and worried!).

So THANKFULLY meeting Ken from Flexr6 at a New Years Eve party in 2009 couldn’t have come at a better time! We discussed with Ken our goals of weight loss for our planned wedding in October 2010.

We then contacted Ken in January 2010 to begin our journey toward the big day, Ken provided us with individual nutrition and training plans which changed regularly based on our body measurements at specific points throughout the program. We immediately saw results!

The Flexr6 nutrition plans became an important part of our lives and promoted a positive lifestyle change. Ken was also able to provide us with an analytical and experienced supplementation program which assisted in our weight loss and strength and endurance increases.

Throughout 2010 we trained with Ken on a weekly then twice weekly basis with one day being weight training and the other boxing. Ken was always able to accommodate us due to our busy schedule organising the wedding.

As the wedding drew closer we could see our bodies transforming on a fortnightly, then weekly basis. When the wedding day finally arrived we were prepared, focused and confident. I, as a bride felt amazing and I know Jhay felt pretty good too!

Flexr6 helped us achieve our goals of looking and feeling great on our wedding day - who knows where we would have been if we hadn’t met Ken!!

We still look at our wedding photos and can’t believe the transformation that we were able to achieve with Ken.

As well as our training with Ken we really appreciated the information and knowledge that he has provided us with. We probably needed longer sessions sometimes due to the amount of information we were asking him!!

Ken motivated us to keep up with our training and diets and make new goals to achieve.

Through Ken we were seeing such good results (that we had struggled years to achieve) that once we came back from our honeymoon we wanted to maintain our new lifestyle so we went straight back to seeing Ken.

Ken has really helped us start our married life with a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Ken is a fantastic trainer and we would highly recommend Flexr6 to any couple or future brides looking to achieve a weight loss goal for their big day.

Ken at Flexr6 is one of our awesome resellers in the A.C.T. so if you're from the area I strongly advise to chat to him, not just about Bioflex but about his training and nutritional methodologies.After having a few chats to him, seeing him compete and his clients results, there's not too many out there in the business that have credentials like him. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk! Aaron Ng - Marketing Manager Bioflex

Lara (Canberra)

I am 16 years of age and at College. I basically became interested in body building because I wanted to do something different to everybody else my age. I wanted to have a fit and healthy lifestyle, that I can follow on with as I grow older.

I had no knowledge and no background of how bodybuilding worked and that is why I decided to do my first comp prep with Flexr6.

As soon as I met Ken I knew that he was the right coach for me!

Ken is one of the best coaches because he offers lots of different options and is always available to talk at any time and will get me to where I want to be.

Ken is always positive and believes that you can get to your goals and is extremely motivating.

I have only been training for 12 weeks now and I have found that these have been the best weeks of my life!

The team is a great group of people and they are so supportive and encouraging to everyone.